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Built on the ethos of craftsmanship, utility and aesthetics, our men's collection leaves no stone unturned.   


Every gemstone, wood, and lava bead is strung on the toughest cord and individually knotted for strength and durability.  The only rival to your brawn is our craftsmanship.

Men, it's time to put your stretch bracelets aside. Our men's designs are fully adjustable. Confidently slide your hard-working hand into our bracelets with reckless abandon.  Maybe rub some cedarwood, vetiver, or other lumberjack-smelling essential oils (or your favorite beard oil) onto the lava beads.  No one questions the authority of a man who smells like they just cut down a tree.

Your originality should never be compromised.  Our designs are one-of-a-kind, and fully customizable.  Dig our style but want something specific?  We've got your back.  Message us and we'll get started on it.  Chop chop.